I Wanna. I Wanna.

I wanna go to Coachella so, so, so badly. It seems like Mecca these days. Like, one weekend wasn’t enough… that they had to make it two. And every artist was totally down… Continue reading

Sample This

From time to time I’m listening to a song and I recognize something. There is a part of the song, and maybe its an old one, that sounds just like a song I… Continue reading

The Lumineers

It’s always a bit suspicious when a band is seemingly forced onto the scene with their debut album barely even out. Where did they come from? Who put them on Spotify’s “What’s New”… Continue reading


NYU band that’s just startin and bein all awesome and shit Take a listen. These guys are sick. At least check out “Top Hat” they have a ratatat, electronicy feel

Paper Diamond EP May 3

Keep a look out for a new EP from Paper Diamond on May 3rd. Not much detail on it other than the fact that it’ll have 3 songs.  Peel them eyes.

M Ward new album

M. Ward brings in Zooey Deschanel for a few songs on his newest album “A Wasteland Companion”. Honestly, I’ve never listened to M. Ward before. I love his sound though. The haunting guitar… Continue reading

B.O.B.’s “So Good”… kinda

Strange Clouds, BOB’s new album, is coming out may first and he released the track list today via instagram(interesting but timely choice). Take a listen to “So Good”, its ok. Listen to So… Continue reading

Why Nicki Minaj is Great

Nicki is amazing. If you’ve been avoiding it, just listen already. Yeah, she’s pop music and Starships is in the top ten of everything, but its because is awesome. She takes that shitty,… Continue reading

Lil B makes a few announcements

He has a rock album coming out “California Boy” And he has a collaboration with one of the biggest names in hip hop comin up soon, supposedly. 

lil B nyu lecture recorded by trent walker